Why Choose Me? -Logan Gearhart


What makes me different from any other photographers in the area? I specialize in architectural photography whereas other photographers spread themselves across all areas  (weddings, portraits, landscapes, lifestyle, avid Instagram user, etc). In order to produce quality photographs that express the essence of a scene, a photographer must know what to look for in architectural photography, the photographer must specialize in one genre rather than spreading themselves too thin across all genres. We can either be a professional in one art or mediocre in many arts, I choose to be one of a kind. 


The time that goes into planning the photoshoot and post production takes longer than some anticipate. My workflow for a single image can take up to an hour to set up the scene, to photograph and at least an additional hour in editing. One final image may consist of at least 50 images of the same scene layered and masked on top of one another that captures different levels of light and detail. I refuse to use preset filters  to apply on my images, it doesn't make an image genuine. Each one of my images are edited and tailored, there is no other picture like it. I pay close attention to detail and compositing of the scene. My job is to create and capture the essence of a home without any distractions; electrical outlets, vents, any impurities. All of which takes time and skill to remove on the computer. My goal is to create photographs that no one else can be able to because of the intensive process and creativity that is embedded in the images.

Skills and Equipment

The equipment I have accumulated is to enhance the lighting and to bring life to the spaces. Highlighting specific areas to bring attention to detail where natural light may not be capable of capturing the essence. I have the skill to even manipulate natural light onto the scene. In order to achieve this, a photographer must immerse themselves in the knowledge and practice this art continuously while having access to the equipment which is already in my possession.  


Using Format