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Dark Tides : the Outer Banks

Photographed by Logan Gearhart

The world renown vacation destination, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, barrier islands offering wide expanse of beaches along the coastline. Two major currents, the Labrador of the north and the Gulf Stream from the south, collide off of Hatteras Island creating treacherous seas for captains and their crews for centuries. Shipwrecks give life to the Graveyard of the Atlantic beneath the surface. Modernization was born as the Wright Brothers took flight in 1903 off Kill Devil Hill and glided into the future. As well as a mystery of this world, The Lost Colony forever disappearing with only the desolate word "CROATOAN" carved into a tree. This is the history of the infamous Outer Banks, the forever shifting sands that no man can control.

Logan Gearhart Photography presents Dark Tides : the Outer Banks, a series of photographs and an introductory short film dedicated to the forgotten and sometimes unseen visuals the area has to offer as well as the climatic consequences of negative human interaction with nature. From constant monsoon rains of the summer to bone numbing foggy, winter mornings, these are moments capturing North Carolina's coast that ordinary people tend to avoid and restrict appreciation. 

This collection will feature moments of discomfort. Cold, winter, dreary days as high winds shed the warmth from skin, a continuous void, paradise turned ruins, harmful plastics and other garbage littering the area and the consequences from negligent humans. Perceiving the view of the world from the darkness sheds glimmers of hope and appreciation when times of joy and beauty are presented blanketing the serene landscapes these islands posses. This is not a typical sunrise/sunset vacation photo book, this is reality.

This is the other side of paradise, these are the darker tides of the Outer Banks.

"It is our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." - Aristotle

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Some photographs may be disturbing.

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  • Troy Becker

    on March 10, 2019

    Great Job Logan! You truly captured the OBX in a completely new way that shows how beautiful this place can be even at it's darkest times. Well Done!

Logan Gearhart

Logan Gearhart is a professional photographer, primarily focusing his work on adventure and landscape photography. He currently lives in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, continuously capturing the essence the coastline provides. For more information about Logan and the work he brings to you, check out the rest of his portfolio at http://logangearhart.com. Connect with him on Instagram and Facebook as well.
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