About Me - Logan Gearhart

Logan Gearhart is an outdoor travel photographer, creating images his viewers can immerse themselves into. Experiencing what he felt and making those images come to life. Published in local papers and magazines of both Breckenridge, Colorado and the Outer Banks of North Carolina,  his photography is making a name for himself.

An enthusiast for traveling, being one with nature, and diving into different cultures, Logan's goal is to be able to tell stories through his images. History is a major factor of what draws him to specific locations. Experiencing nature, learning the cultures and the way of life opens the mind and changes the individual's perception of the world. He aims to inspire people to travel and explore outside of common comfort zones. 

Logan publishes his work on a handful of social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook where his viewers can interact and connect with him.

Besides photography, Logan enjoys skiing, surfing, hiking, and camping with his closest friends. He has lived in a variety of places such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and even Colorado.

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