About Me - Logan Gearhart

Wherever Logan goes, his Canon camera and his passion for exploration are the first things packed in his bag. Based in rural the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the self-taught photographer mainly focuses on outdoor photography such as landscapes, however he will shoot anything that catches his eye. Whether it is a beautiful car or a remote landscape, his passion for photography is never ending. Logan’s main goal for his viewers is to take the opportunity to travel to different locations and experience their cultures. He reminds himself and others to take nothing for granted, no matter where you are, beauty lives in everything.

Logan takes part in a variety of hobbies such as skiing, hiking, camping, and even climbing. During the summer months, he spends his time being responsible for the beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina as a lifeguard for Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue. However, once the colder temperatures arrive and the snow moves in, he travels to Colorado to work on the mountain at Breckenridge Ski Resort. 

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